European Language Equality Citizen Survey

ELE Citizen Survey – Your help is neeeded

The European Language Equality (ELE) project is developing a strategic research, innovation and implementation agenda as well as a roadmap for achieving full digital language equality in Europe by 2030. A key step has been to document the current state of readiness of each language. Digital Language Equality is the scenario in which all relevant languages have the necessary support to “continue to exist and prosper as living languages in the digital age”.

Meanwhile, with the help of Dublin City University and the entire consortium, we have been able to make the ELE Citizen Survey publicly available in 35 languages (3 are still awaiting final review).

We have created a page overview, which we are sharing through our social media channels, asking for participants to fill in the survey. The survey only takes a couple of minutes to fill in if you haven’t already. Thank you!

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