European Language Grid: a way forward for Language technology in Malta

Language Technology (LT) in Europe is currently fragmented by national, linguistic and cultural barriers. The European Language Grid (ELG) is an EU-supported scalable cloud platform, providing access to hundreds of commercial and non-commercial resources for all European languages. Unlike other repositories, which mainly contain static datasets, ELG also includes tools that can be run as cloud-based services provided that they implement a standard API.

ELG is intended to help developers and users in the IT industry participate in LT. Its functionality directly confronts the fragmentation problem by facilitating the sharing, linking and reuse of existing components. When fully operational, ELG will enable the European LT community to upload their technologies and data sets in an easy and efficient way, to deploy them through the grid, and to connect with other resources. The ELG will thus boost the Multilingual Digital Single Market, creating new jobs and opportunities, and also addressing the threat of digital language extinction for under-resourced langages.

In order to present ELG and examine some key issues concerning its potential to kickstart the further takeup of LT in Malta, a half-day seminar will take place online 17th June. It will include short presentations and demonstrations by international members of the project consortium as well as by local representatives from industry, government and academia.

Participation is free, but pre-registration is required. For further information please email Michael Rosner ([email protected]).

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