AI Language Breakthroughs: LT Bridge at Malta’s Research Expo

The EU-backed LT Bridge project, focused on developing AI language technologies, recently held a research exposition at the University of Malta. This event promoted collaborative learning and featured diverse topics, ranging from autonomous aircrafts to moon cosmology. Experts from the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Dublin City University’s ADAPT Centre (DCU) took part, aligning with our vision of establishing a European Centre of Excellence in Malta.

Highlighting the event, Professor Andy Way from ADAPT led a session discussing the balance between human and machine translation, sparking significant engagement and discussion. Further, collaborative meetings were held with the University of Malta’s research development teams, opening doors for joint ventures.

In addition, an innovation workshop was conducted by Conor McNally, showcasing his expertise in start-up commercialisation. It met with enthusiastic participation, even encouraging a team to apply for funding from the Malta Digital Innovation Authority.

The LT Bridge project continually strengthens the bond between ADAPT at DCU and the University of Malta, fostering innovation and collaboration. For more on the project and its accomplishments, visit

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