Scientific Strategy (WP1)

This work package will play a fundamental role in all capacity building activities of the project, as it will set the content, frame and targets for all activities. It will define the priorities for joint research activities between the partners, as well the contents and context for all related training measures. Last but not least, it will provide the basis for the set-up of a joint research lab.

Research Excellence (WP2)

This work package will integrate the event-based research capacity building measures (workshops, training courses, webinars) and hands-on research experiences (shared tasks, staff exchange, joint publications, etc.) which represent an integral part of LT-BRIDGE. It will also include UM’s cooperation with / integration in leading European LT Bodies and projects.

Early Stage Researchers Training & networking (WP3)

The set of activities directly addressing the young researchers and focused on their training, networking and ensuring solid research career prospects. It will include the mechanism of double supervision and coaching (copied from the MSCA Programme experiences), summer schools, dedicated training, as well as mobility.

Innovation & Research Management Capacity Building (WP4)

This work package will extend the research capacity of UM with its capacity to convert research results into societal and economic values. This includes diverse training measures (face-to-face, online, on-the-job), as well as the actual implementation of a pilot innovation project integrating the competences built before.

Visibility & Socio-economic Impact (WP5)

The project will implement a coherent dissemination strategy targeting all principal target groups (scientific community, businesses, public services, general public) as well as various communication channels relevant to achieve visibility among these groups on European level, but also regionally and nationally. Most importantly, project results will be exploited to the maximum extent. A corresponding Plan for dissemination and exploitation will guide the activities.

Management & Coordination (WP6)

The project is based on effective leadership and management. The coordinator UM will be supported by the experienced European experts DFKI and DCU in running daily management activities in accordance with the Grant Agreement and European best practice. Corresponding measures for quality control and IPR handling will be established.


Deliverable No.Deliverable NameWork Package No.
D1.1Draft Scientific Strategy Report1
D1.2Final Scientific Strategy Report1
D1.3Joint Virtual Laboratory Report1
D2.1First Workshop Report2
D2.3Second Workshop Report2
D2.3Third Workshop Report2
D2.4Webinar Series Report2
D2.5Report on Staff Mobility Program2
D3.1Collection of CDP for ESRs3
D3.21st Summer School Report3
D3.32nd Summer School Report3
D3.4Report on Highly Specialized ESR Trainings3
D4.1Training workshops report4
D4.2Common Challenges in EU Funding Report4
D4.3Report on Coaching Scheme4
D4.4Engaging and Enabling Researchers Workshop4
D4.5Pilot Innovation Project Plan4
D5.1Project Website5
D5.2Promotional Materials (incl. video)5
D5.3Plan for dissemination & Exploitation5
D6.1First Progress Report6
D6.2Final Progress Report6